Roll Labels For Commercial Filling Lines

Durable and Waterproof Chemical Labels

As an expert label maker, we know that labels for chemicals often have to meet changing legal requirements. We keep up with updates on what materials are permitted or required, how they should be printed, and what requirements self-adhesive labels should meet regarding adhesion properties.

Label Printing According to GHS Standards

For many years, we have been working in the label field for a large number of manufacturers who value and trust our services. It doesn’t matter whether the batch is big or small, we produce your label printing with care, at a reasonable price and always scheduled for the agreed delivery date.

 Since 2015, GHS ‘Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals’ has been in effect. GHS is an internationally recognized program initiated by the United Nations. GHS standards were created to replace the local legislation in force in the countries and to standardize dangerous goods. All chemical compound and substance manufacturers, importers and suppliers must comply with these standards.

As a label maker, for us the correct identification means that we must supply self-adhesive and chemical resistant labels printed with danger and safety warnings. In addition, the specified GHS pictograms can be printed in the correct sizes according to the container capacities you specify.


Roll Labels for Chemicals

Labels for chemicals must be resistant to external factors so that the information on the product can be read throughout the life of the product. It must not be damaged or destroyed by chemicals. Thus, it is always possible to check the contents of the respective container. We produce labels that perfectly meet all the requirements of hazardous substance labeling.

Foil Stamping on PP

Transparent PP Film

Special Rolls


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SPS Etiket was established in 2005 under the umbrella of Küçükler Holding in Istanbul. After the most suitable equipment and human resources structure were determined, the necessary employment was provided and the facility became operational in 2005.

The company contributes to the sales and business of its customers and produces customer-oriented solutions by providing consultancy to the companies that it supplies labels to; about market conditions, preferences and trends.


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