FSC® Core Labour Policy

As SPS Etiket Baskı ve Ambalaj Ltd. Sti , we aim to build a clear, sensitive, quality system and ensure its continuity for our employees, customers, partners  ve environment in every step of our actions in accordance with this purpose,

We guarantee that;

  • We don’t employ any employee under the age of 18 to protect children from every possible exploitation within the framework of respect for the healthy development of children and their right to education, and to act in accordance with the procedures and principles of employing young workers.
  • There cannot be work that is obliged by contract or in return for debt, and the work must be voluntary.
  • We respect the right of workers to join and bargain with the authorized union, and the right of workers to represent freely and democratically via worker delegates
  • We don’t discriminate against our employees based on age, gender, race, religion, national origin, social class, marital status, sexual orientation, economic condition or any condition which can lead to discrimination, and provide conditions which prevent any discrimination.
  • Order to ensure the continuity of the company’s social compliance necessities, compliance with the company’s rules and the company’s social compliance conditions are considered as a necessary and important criterion for the selection of personnel in recruitment, as well as technical and professional knowledge. Starting from the recruitment process, charging, preventing discrimination in the performance and labor contract processes and mistreatment policies are obtained, and workers’ regular employment and social security are provided.
  • We protect our foreign employees’ legal rights.
  • Order to maintain the peace of the working environment and keep employees working happily, we respect honor of our employees, and ensure that there is no verbal, physical, psychological harassment or coercion, salary deduction punishments to discipline the employees or corporate punishments.
  • We create alternative methods to enable employees to deliver their wishes and complaints.
  • We stick to current laws and regulations while adjusting the working hours. 

Hakan ÇİÇEK General Manager