Our Policy

The quality policy of SPS Label is to deliver the products to the companies it provides service in the most economical, fastest and satisfying way to our customers and to produce solutions to be offered with high standards of service. In this context, our fundamental quality values are to search and find the best raw material and use it in appropriate processes, to make the most accurate printing and to present it to our customers in the fastest way possible. It is the duty of our staff to establish, develop and maintain the quality management system in order to achieve our quality objectives and thus to ensure continuous improvement in every element of our system.

The most important goals developed within the framework of service quality within our quality objectives are;

SPS, by reinforcing its experience in the field of printing with the machine park developed by keeping up with new technologies, obtains excellent results in printing.

  • Compliance with customer requirements and relevant legal obligations
  • Fulfillment of applicable conditions
  • Our customers’ projects are not delayed
  • There aren’t any problems experienced by the end users at the point our products reach them
  • Our customers are represented and addressed by our representatives with high communication skills
  • Our customers find a contact they can obtain reliable information from, through one phone call 

Quality Certificates

Customers demand that their suppliers meet the highest product / service quality requirements, and they want to be assured that your business will meet their needs now and in the future. The quality management systems we have established enable us to demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement by adopting the changing world standards for quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Environmental And Occupational Safety Policy

As SPS Label Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd;

We aim to fulfill all the requirements for the implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety management systems during our adhesive, non-adhesive label and packaging production and to ensure continuous improvement by monitoring our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performances.

For this purpose we pledge;

  • To comply with customer requirements, legal obligations and terms specified for our products;
  • To produce our products with the awareness of green production;
  • To evaluate environmental conditions in raw material selection;
  • To use energy, raw materials and resources efficiently by reducing our consumption;
  • To protect employee health and to produce with the goal of zero occupational accidents;
  • To control and reduce all of our wastes generated during our activities, to recycle and dispose of our wastes with appropriate methods, thus preventing environmental pollution;
  • To inform our employees, suppliers and subcontractors that we provide services to and encourage them to respect the environment and protect employee health in order to raise awareness of Health, Safety and Environment.

Awards and Certificates

In our laboratory equipped with superior technological devices, color deviations are avoided and standard printing color is always achieved.

The system we have established increases the reliability of our customers’ products by providing our customers with the opportunity to buy products with consistent standards. 


Murat Telci

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Erdinç Tekirdağ

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Ahmet Burçin Aytekin

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Ümit Düzgün

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Ali Kaya

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SPS Etiket was established in 2005 under the umbrella of Küçükler Holding in Istanbul. After the most suitable equipment and human resources structure were determined, the necessary employment was provided and the facility became operational in 2005.

The company contributes to the sales and business of its customers and produces customer-oriented solutions by providing consultancy to the companies that it supplies labels to; about market conditions, preferences and trends.


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