👏 SPS Etiket family proudly celebrated its 19th year with the “VALUE TO YOU” Seniority Awards.

🥇 SPS Etiket continued its tradition of the “VALUE TO YOU” seniority awards, honoring employees who completed their 10th and 15th years with the company.

🎥 The event kicked off with a video showcasing the historical journey of the company. In his speech, our General Manager, HAKAN ÇİÇEK, acknowledged that the past year had witnessed unexpected economic developments and natural disasters in our country. However, he emphasized that it was a year where we showed resilience in healing our wounds together. He also shared the excitement and optimism for 2024 due to the ongoing construction of the new management and production building.

💪 He congratulated the employees for their efforts in bringing SPS to its current level and raising the bar.

🥘 The day continued with a meal themed around Street Tastes. The SPS family eagerly began the countdown for the next event 🏢 in the new building with excitement.