Self Adhesive Label

Self Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive label is a type of label that can easily stick to surfaces thanks to its adhesive layer. These labels are commonly used in product packaging, price tags, address labels, barcode labels, and many other areas.

Self-adhesive labels generally consist of four layers:

1.      Facestock: This layer contains the print and design on the label. This layer helps customers identify the product and promote the brand.

2.      Adhesive: This layer ensures that the label sticks to the surface. The adhesive layer can have different levels of stickiness and is selected to be suitable for different surfaces.

3.      Silicone coating: It is applied to the adhesive layer and helps to prevent the label from sticking to itself during the manufacturing process.

4.      Liner: This layer is used to increase the durability of the label. The bottom layer (liner) ensures that the label does not tear easily and lasts for a long time.

Self-adhesive labels can be produced in different sizes, shapes, and colors. These labels are an important tool for promoting products and increasing brand awareness.